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How it works

Place managed, scannable stickers on objects in your workplace to launch tasks for your deskless workforce. When scanned, training, communication, and operations are launched on your worker's mobile devices.

Boost the productivity of your deskless workforce by saving time and improving accuracy.

Smart Access tags create awareness of software and resources that are otherwise out of mind. Printed SOPs and training manuals in filing cabinets are too far away — out of sight, and out of date.

For known tasks, tags save time by launching the right content in the right app skipping the time spent searching through portals and swiping through apps.

Smart Access tags make the physical world the new nexus for learning, communications, and operations. Deliver managed and continuously updated knowledge to your deskless workers in context, within sight and in the flow of their work.

  • Employees pulling their co-workers away from their work to answer, “Hey, how do I do this?”
  • Steps taken on journeys to find manuals and standard operating procedures.
  • Calls to support centers to look for answers to solved problems.
  • Employees hesitating, waiting for clear direction.
  • Good staff following old SOPs.
  • Out of date printed material misleading staff.

The value of Smart Access is that we are getting information out of internal systems and into the hands of associates.

- Learning Execution Executive, Fortune 500 Retailer

Platform features
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