Equip your frontline to do the right work

Smart Access provides workers with real-time task direction tailored to their context, so they stay safe and productive. 


A workforce productivity platform for any deskless worker

Smart Access is a mobile learning app for frontline workers. Without clear task direction, frontline workers are overwhelmed. And overwhelmed workers are unproductive (and more likely to quit).

Equip workers to take the right next action

By transforming SOPs and training manuals into micro-tasks on a worker’s device, our platform helps them learn continuously and progress — all in their flow of work.

Why choose Smart Access?


Instant communication

Content is dispatched quickly to frontline workers that’s tailored to their skill level, physical location and the time of day.


No-fuss app

The mobile application is lightweight and device-agnostic (and supported on both iOS and Android).


Zero integrations

The software is easy to deploy, with minimal help needed from IT, and requires zero integrations.


Simplified materials

Our unique expertise helps you transform your existing training and operations materials into simple, actionable guidance.

Get key information to the frontline — faster

Smart Access is for deskless workers, no matter where they operate. With scan-to-learn training and professional development, associates are kept informed, productive and safe. Never run an offsite training session again.


Scan a Smart Access sticker to trigger task guidance on a mobile device that’s hyper-personalized

Content is automatically tailored by role, location in the workplace, time and specific task


Break down existing content and deliver it in the most effective format

Short videos help associates quickly learn a specific task

Easy-to-scan articles help team leaders on how to develop management skills


Lightweight application that works with any enterprise device on Android or iOS

Easy install — associates can download the app directly from app stores

Low bandwidth, so you won’t strain in-store wifi capacity


Quick pulse or micro-surveys to gauge worker satisfaction, training effectiveness and knowledge levels

Assessments quickly identify gaps in your workers’ knowledge base and fill them

How mobile learning brings
knowledge to the floor

Accelerate onboarding

Why does it take 30 days to onboard new associates?

Upskill & reskill

Shouldn’t my learning management system improve performance?

Create training faster

Formats include how to videos you can deliver in days.

Think of us as productivity partners

Try one-on-one coaching

We’ll support you and your team through the onboarding process.

Reach us by phone or email

Call us between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. MT at 1-855-767-8222 or email us anytime at [email protected].

Check out our Help Center

Access our help center to read how-to articles, post your questions and get answers from the Smart Access team.


Smart Access has a flexible platform that we customize to your unique environment.

  • No integrations required
  • Minimal IT support
  • Rollout takes just six weeks

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