Smart Access 48 Hrs cohort 2020

Why Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are failing retail

The rapid changes of the past year left many companies struggling with the speed, effectiveness and cost of their approach to on the job training for frontline staff. See why LMSs are failing retail’s frontline.

Can knowing a worker’s location advance frontline retail training?

Retail workers are overwhelmed with current training, even when using quick-to-consume microlearning. See how indoor location data can help make retail training less overwhelming and workers more productive.

Create & deploy retail training videos in 1 week

Accelerated video is transforming retail training. See how you can create and deploy videos to adapt your retail workforce in days, not weeks.

The next tech innovation for quick-service restaurants (QSR): location-aware training for the frontline

When COVID-19 arrived, it devastated the restaurant industry – billions lost in sales, massive layoffs, and restaurant closures. See how rapid adoption of technology helped QSRs pivot and survive, and the next technology they can’t afford to ignore.

Thrive versus survive – the role of frontline workers in agile supply chain management

We’ve become accustomed to seeing warehouses with robotic inventory management and drone monitoring as part of agile supply chain management, but what does an agile future look like for frontline workers?

How reskilling and upskilling frontline workers builds operational resilience

The pandemic has shown us that operational resilience is essential in modern retail. See how equipping your frontline to reskill and upskill continuously builds resilience as a retailer.

4 reasons why contextual learning is a retail training gamechanger

Retailers are equipping their workers to learn more efficiently during the pandemic. Here’s how contextual learning is changing retail training.

All truth is found on the floor of the store – Why social learning is vital for frontline worker productivity

Today’s frontline workers are short on time and want to learn their own modern way. Conventional training is simply not meeting their needs. Help frontline workers be productive by boosting microlearning with social learning.

Spotlight is on the retail frontline and retail training: NextPoint 2020 takeaway

When North America’s major retailers gathered to discuss what’s next in innovation at NextPoint 2020, the topic that drew most attention was human capital management. How can retailers ready their frontline for the new pace of change?

Smart Access launches quick how-to videos, equipping retailers to capture and distribute retail training in days

With the launch of Go-Roll, Smart Access equips retailers to capture and distribute how-to videos for retail training in just days.

Smart Access counts down to 48Hrs in the Valley, another milestone in a year of growth

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – September 29, 2020 – Smart Access, a software company focused on building an adaptive workforce through its mobile productivity platform, is counting down to C100’s 48Hrs in the Valley on October 6-7, 2020. This annual program provides Canada’s most promising early-stage startups with mentorship, investment, and partnership opportunities with top-tier Silicon Valley investors. 

48Hrs in the Valley marks the latest milestone in a year of key developments for Smart Access. In June, Smart Access completed the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Rockies mentorship program, a sought-after program that connects tech companies with world-class tech leaders, accomplished entrepreneurs and investors. 

“Smart Access is working to help retailers build an adaptive workforce, one that learns quickly the moment workers start on the store or warehouse floor, and one that keeps workers learning every day after,” said Smart Access CEO Tim Regnier. “The last few months have been a spectacular test of resilience for retailers with the surge in ecommerce, huge changes in supply chain and health and safety protocols shifting at an incredibly fast rate. Our technology helps retail leaders and their workers to adapt and stay competitive, not only during the pandemic, but at the new pace the industry is setting.”

The retail industry has traditionally faced high employee turnover and absenteeism which threaten productivity and profitability. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated these challenges. Smart Access technology helps frontline workers adapt and be more productive, even in a rapid change environment. The workforce platform provides task guidance to frontline workers on mobile to help associates improve competency, upskill continuously and adapt tasks and roles quickly as operations shift.

About Smart Access

Smart Access is building an adaptive workforce by equipping frontline workers to do the right work. Our workforce productivity platform helps retailers to rapidly onboard, upskill and adapt worker roles as operations shift. Smart Access provides personalized task guidance to workers’ mobile devices, accessed from learning connection points on the store or warehouse floor. We transform hard-to-process information into real-time task direction that ensures frontline workers do the right work and learn continuously, in the flow of their work. Learn more at

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