want an agile supply chain in your retail operations why leading retailers are looking at next-gen training

Your Wireless Signs with Smart Access to Provide On-the-Spot Training to Store Employees

Verizon authorized retailer integrates with iQmetrix partner Smart Access to improve staff proficiency and create service consistency across its 100 stores.

Case study: Major retailer accelerates new employees onboarding

How can I get new frontline hires productive faster? That was the challenge faced by a major retailer with more than 200,000 employees across North America. Using Smart Access they found a way to equip frontline workers to gain new skills 6x faster on the job. Read how.

Smart Access Joins Zebra Technologies’ PartnerConnect Program

Smart Access is an approved Zebra Technologies’ ISV partner. Our modern training software has been tested and certified as compatible with Zebra’s latest mobile devices used in retail. Learn more about this partnership and its benefits.

Smart Access Joins iQmetrix Partner Ecosystem

Smart Access has joined the iQmetrix Partner Ecosystem. iQmetrix’s telcom retail clients can now leverage the Smart Access location-aware mobile performance support platform to dramatically improve their on-the-job training.

Why leading retailers are using next-gen training to ramp up supply chain performance

Over the past year, we’ve seen supply chain come into the spotlight as a key way to meet and even exceed customer expectations. It’s no surprise, then, that 40% of retail leaders expect to increase their total supply chain investment, according to Bain & Company.

Their goals? To improve speed, agility and resilience.

But you can’t do that without changing the way you manage, train and communicate with employees. 

A truly agile — and anti-fragile — supply chain involves more than alternate sourcing, new transportation routes and improved logistics. An adaptive frontline workforce is also an essential ingredient.

Boost your supply chain strength with next-gen training 

Leading retailers such as Walmart are embracing new ways of organizing, training, re-skilling and cross skilling their workforces to achieve the agility they need for today’s fast-changing market conditions. 

See how leading retailers are successfully replacing task-specific training with cross-training, and how next-gen training platforms can get you on the path to supply chain success in our whitepaper developed with Retail Touchpoints.

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