Workers need better access to guidance to take the right actions

Status quo communication and training are costing businesses in lost productivity and profit.

What’s throttling retail productivity?

Worker productivity and employee retention are consistent concerns for retailers. Because of ineffective training programs and inefficient communication with the store and warehouse floor, workers often don’t do the right work and cannot adapt quickly as operations shift.

New knowledge takes too long to reach the frontline

Learning leaders are pushing incorrect, outdated content to mobile devices using old LMS systems or even issuing paper bulletins. Either method can take weeks to accomplish and makes the content hard to consume. If a worker needs help, they have to remove themselves from their flow of work to search for a leader on the floor — which wastes even more time.


How does Smart Access improve productivity?

Smart Access puts task guidance in workers’ hands via mobile devices so they are equipped to get work done faster and stay productive.

Workers scan to learn, instantly
The stickers are placed strategically around the work environment so that associates stay in their flow of work.

Task guidance is sent directly to mobile devices
Hard-to-process information is transformed into action-oriented guidance tailored to the worker’s role and skill level.

Workers can easily reskill 
Learning leaders can instantly deploy new guidance to the floor the moment operations shift or new COVID-19 protocols are released.

Instant communication 
Workers get updates on procedures, health and safety in place, and share latest knowledge with co-workers.

Workers are more productive 
From day one, associates gain crucial proficiency faster during onboarding and go on to contribute more productively.

“With technology advancing at an ever-accelerating pace, L&D leaders can delay no longer: human capital is more important than ever and will be the primary factor in sustaining competitive advantage over the next few years.”


Here's how it works

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