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An open letter to essential retailers

Dear Retail Leader,

Like so many others, I am working from home, and staying close to my family today. I have this choice because of the extraordinary efforts of essential retailers like you who are keeping millions of us provided for and protected right now.

I lead a team that provides technology to retail businesses.

We are watching grocers, pharmacies, home improvement companies and other retailers work around the clock to scale home delivery and curbside pick up, and keep stores and warehouses safe and sanitized for customers and employees. From managers to frontline service people, we observe retail teams striving to adapt operations at unprecedented speed. At the same time, employees and new recruits are now asking “am I safe?” as they head to work each day.

Talking with retail leaders who are rising to new challenges of COVID-19 almost daily, we’re hearing that the communication, training and execution systems in place are too slow to effectively help employees learn, gain productivity and stay connected.

We’re hearing about retail managers left wondering: Did vital direction reach the right people? Were updates shared in a way that could be actioned right away? Did we get word out fast enough? Many of you had these concerns before this pandemic, and are now feeling the risks with incredible clarity.

I invite all the retailers feeling these limits, to see this as a moment of possibility.

I invite you to consider a better way to keep your people informed and safe, even in times of change.

Together, we can accelerate the speed of learning and communication with employees, and across teams. We do that with mobile technology that puts actionable information into employee’s hands, right in the flow of their work. Get started with Smart Access for free.

Allow me to share some of the needs we’re helping essential retailers address today.

Can you onboard fast enough?
It’s possible, without group training, to get new recruits up-to-speed and productive fast. You can orient new hires using mobile devices with training made relevant for different employee roles, and different locations like at workstations, near equipment or products.

Can you update employees immediately?
You can update employees immediately as safety and operations processes change. Put role-specific guidance right into employee hands on how to take action, and stay safe.

Are you ready to help employees swap tasks?
Help employees take on different tasks as new recruits or if someone is absent. Trigger task-based learning at key locations like a workstation.

Can you track if employees feel safe?
Do your teams know what to do if they see others acting carelessly, and feel unsafe? Do you have a way to get their feedback? You can build that connection and build trust with your employees.

These are extraordinary times and none of us can foresee what challenges we must rise to ahead. I believe though, that our team can help you to emerge stronger, and we can help in just days.

Get in touch with me.

On behalf of our team, I offer our best wishes to the retail teams hard at work. Thank you for all you are doing to keep millions of us protected.


Tim Regnier
Smart Access CEO & Founder

t: (780) 938-8383
e: [email protected]
LinkedIn: /in/tim-regnier