Create & deploy retail training videos in 1 week

Being able to rapidly create training content and get it to the store or warehouse floor has proven vital during the pandemic. The new precedents being set in training speed are likely to raise the bar for all retailers to rapidly train and reskill workers. 

Typically it takes large retail organizations at least six weeks to prepare new learning content with another week or more to deliver that new training material to frontline workers. This considerable effort delays getting knowledge out and can make retailers resistant to adapting and improving operations.  

With Smart Access, videos are kept secure in the application and video creation and distribution takes 5 steps, and just a few days:

  1. Learning or instructional leaders prepare a shot list for the how-to video.
  2. The shot list is assigned to a frontline worker to capture video mini clips.
  3. Leaders view the shots, cut what’s not useful, tag and save them with no more than 30 words of explanation per mini clip.
  4. Leaders push how-to videos to the store or warehouse floor.
  5. Frontline workers immediately access videos, usage is tracked.

“YouTube has shown us the power and popularity of short how-to videos, and Instagram stories have shown us how these clips can be rapidly made and shared,” explained Tim Regnier. “Not only do users love to consume them, they know how to create them. We’ve taken those signals from billions of users and developed safe, engaging, rapid corporate learning for retailers.”

go-roll rapid retail training videos
Smart Access features rapid video creation to allow retailers to cut the training time in distributing new SOP direction across their frontlines from several weeks to just days.

Rapid training creation & content control

While Smart Access draws on frontline workers to capture video moments to help rapidly create videos –  this is curated training, not free for all user-generated video sharing. Throughout the process, operations and L&D leaders maintain content control. Learning leaders can select only useful clips for training, edit them and control captions that overlay the clips. Topics, content and distribution remain in L&D control while freeing teams to create and distribute learning at a new pace.

Value for retailers

One retailer cut the training time in distributing new SOP direction across their frontlines from 6 weeks down to 3 days.  Not only is the speed of content creation a new advantage for them but early measurement of learning effectiveness shows much higher viewership and application of the new procedures than traditional learning.

Get to know quick how-to videos from Smart Access

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Accelerate video training development from 6 weeks to 3 days.